Introducing Hekkräiser!

Hello there! So at this point, I've been making music for just under 9 years. If you're at least a semi-active follower of mine, chances are you know about The Santtu Pesonen Project and MFG38, which are the two so-called "main" monikers I make music under - the former being my metal solo project, and … Continue reading Introducing Hekkr√§iser!

The Fall is released!

It is with extremely loud squeals of excitement that I hereby announce the release of The Santtu Pesonen Project's 10th album, The Fall! The Fall features just under 43 minutes worth of arguably the most prog-influenced music I've written under The Project yet. Among the single Crawl that was released last year, it contains 6 … Continue reading The Fall is released!

Valentine’s Day general update post

Happy Valentine's Day! Seeing as it's been another long(ish) while since any updates on my ongoing projects, I felt the need to write up a brief update post on their progress. To be entirely truthful, I didn't do much towards advancing MFG38's Average Adventure 2 or The Fall for a couple of months following some … Continue reading Valentine’s Day general update post

Mini-lesson: Hexagons in Doom Builder the easy way

I believe it's been a while since I did a mini-lesson, but now, I'm back with one that I was inspired to make after making a Doom map with a hexagon-based layout. So, in this tutorial, I will guide you through my method of drawing hexagons in Doom Builder. With this method, you should be … Continue reading Mini-lesson: Hexagons in Doom Builder the easy way

New music release: “Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 6”

This announcement is going to be a little less ceremonious than usual as far as my music releases are concerned, but I wanted to let you know that I just put out a new Gallery of Harmonies album, appropriately titled Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 6 - 2019-2020. The latest entry in my ongoing series of … Continue reading New music release: “Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 6”