Music stuffs and stuff


So if you’re a regular follower of mine, you should be aware that I have two album projects I’ve been more or less working on. One is for The Santtu Pesonen Project, and the other is completely solo. If you are not (and even if you are, basically), allow me to detail them.

Now the one I’ll be doing completely solo is to be an instrumental progressive death metal EP titled The Art of Chaos. I’m still in the middle-ish of writing the music, but there are already plenty of riffs for the 5 tracks I have planned.

Then there’s Soulscape, the not-completely-solo album. It is to be a 7-track concept album about escaping chaotic everyday life and going somewhere relaxing, or “a journey from chaos to tranquility”. All of the music and lyrics have been written, but the music might go through some last-moment revisions.

I’ll start working on the two albums as soon as my new microphone and audio interface arrive. More details about both albums are to be revealed over on my Facebook and Twitter.

And yes, I like long sentences. Problem?

Anyway, bye.

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