The Art of Chaos Recording Postponement

It is with a sad heart that I announce the recordings for my instrumental metal EP The Art of Chaos will be indefinitely postponed.

There are a number of reasons that have led me to this conclusion. First of all, I’ve been having a severe writer’s block regarding material for the album. I have tried coming up with decent death metal-ish riffs, but they are only so satisfactory. Being a drummer first and foremost, coming up with drum grooves has not been a problem – it’s the riffs I struggle with.

Secondly, I was looking through Thomann’s online store yesterday. I was checking out some affordable cymbals to possibly buy. The hint should be obvious enough – I may end up upgrading my cymbal setup. Having played a Meinl HCS ride cymbal for two or three years now, I’m thinking about going all Meinl. But why specifically Meinl? Because the HCS ride has really impressed me with its sound and quality, and based on my experiences with it, Meinl looks like the perfect choice for me.

And lastly, Reason 8 was launched recently. Reason Essentials also got updated along with it – from Essentials 2 to Essentials 8. Again, the hint should be obvious – I may update from Essentials 2 to Essentials 8 once I finish tracking Soulscape. Unfortunately, since Reason 8 uses Softube virtual amps instead of Line 6, I would have to dial in completely new tones. Of course there is a positive outcome – the two albums would not sound exactly the same.

With that, it’s time to conclude this post. I hope you understand now why I had to make this decision.

Anyway, bye!

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