Prayers of Armageddon: Retaliation – Difficulty levels!

Here’s a quick update on Prayers of Armageddon: Retaliation.

For the first time ever in a Doom wad created by me, Prayers of Armageddon: Retaliation is going to have custom difficulty levels! The following is a list of the difficulty levels – of which there are 4 – along with brief descriptions.

  • Wimp – Player takes 50% damage and monsters are less aggressive. The Icon of Sin boss will also spawn monsters at a slower rate.
  • Hardened – Player takes 100% damage and monsters are moderately aggressive.
  • Veteran – Player takes 150% damage and monsters are moderately aggressive.
  • Total Badass – Player takes 200% damage and monsters are very aggressive, as well as having increased speed.

I also uploaded a video yesterday where I test the difficulty levels. The video also gives a sneak peek at one of the later levels. The link to the video is down below:

On a quick note, the mapping work for PoA: Retaliation is now down to the final 25%. I’m in no position to give an accurate estimate on the release date yet, but I’ll give you one when all of the mapping is done.

And that finally concludes this unusually lengthy post. Bye!

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