MFG_E1M1 aka Another Damn E1M1 Remake

E1M1. The map that started it all. The map that most Doomers remember as their first sight when they stepped into the world of id Software’s revolutionary game. The map that has spawned numerous recreations in different styles. And here’s my take on it.

MFG_E1M1 is an effort with which I attempt to recreate Doom‘s E1M1 in my own style while still staying true to the original. It is the first map I am designing for Doom/Ultimate Doom instead of Doom 2, and it is also the first map I am designing specifically with the limitations of the vanilla Doom engine in mind. As I construct the map, it will be tested in the Chocolate Doom engine, a source port which emulates these limitations, to ensure that no limits are broken.

Prayers of Armageddon: Retaliation will still be my primary focus. This will just be a small side project to see if I can construct a (hopefully) fully vanilla-compatible Doom map. The two projects shouldn’t suffer too much from their co-existence.

So here we go. Bye for now!

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