Another Damn E1M1 Remake released!

It just so happened that Another Damn E1M1 Remake ended up becoming much smaller-scale than I originally intended, almost a speedmap of sorts. My original intention was to get it as close to vanilla Doom‘s blockmap limit as possible (which is 64KB), but in the end, the blockmap was only 5KB or so, thanks to the compact size of the map.

Anyway, here it is if you wish to try it out:

As I mentioned in the previous post, the map was tested in Chocolate Doom as it was being made to ensure that no vanilla limits were broken. It should run under the vanilla Doom engine, although there is no guarantee it will, since it was not tested in the vanilla engine.

Either way, enjoy.

PS. I posted a thread over at the Doomworld forums, and the feedback I got during last night was not exactly positive. A common criticism I got was that the map did not emulate the true E1M1 feel due to the map including keys, high-tier monsters and non-E1 textures. This was a conscious decision; in the end, I decided to not emulate the true E1M1 feel and make the map more along the lines of my own style.

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