Having a little musical dilemma…

(This post is directly copied from The Santtu Pesonen Project’s Facebook page.)

Alright, guys, I have a slight dilemma here and I’d love to get some help from you.

It’s not a big dilemma actually, but either way, allow me to explain the situation.

So I’ve started writing new music (2 songs currently done) for another album. I’ve also been formulating a story in case it ends up becoming a concept album, and I even wrote lyrics for one of the songs. The lyrics of the song set the starting point of the story.

Now here’s where the dilemma is: since I also wrote the 5-part suite by the name “Roots” some time ago, I’ve been thinking of making the entire song into a 1-track EP. But I don’t exactly want to start working on two albums under the same name, which would be The Santtu Pesonen Project.

So what I need help with is to decide which one I should make a The Santtu Pesonen Project project. Which would you like to be seen released under this project’s name: a 1-track EP or another concept album?

Please let me know by commenting on this post. The one that gets more “votes” will be made a The Santtu Pesonen Project project, and the other one will then be entirely solo under the name Santtu Pesonen.

You know what to do.

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