Uh… stuff.

Howdy ho!

So this post will basically be an all-around general update post, as might be implied by the title.

First of all, if you have a keen eye, you may have noticed that the site got a design update yesterday. While the color scheme remained unchanged, other aspects went through an overhaul. Most importantly, I designed a new header for the site – and it’s in the style of pixel art because, quite frankly, I’m not exactly the most competent digital artist. But eh, it serves its purpose.

Secondly, the EP I announced recently has a title now. The EP will go by the name The Everflowing River, essentially in reference to the rate at which I pump out new musical ideas. Once again, the EP will be a solo album under my own name.

And last but not least, if you see any mentions of something by the name of Abisso Oscuro in the near-ish future, it won’t be a personal project. Yes. Abisso Oscuro is a Doom community project hosted by Explosive Nachos, which is a very small Doom fan forum. I’ve designed one map for the project and am currently designing a second one – so basically I’m finally starting to branch out of personal projects.

With all that said, I’ll see you soon!

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