Announcing Deliverance 2600!


I wasn’t going to make this post until next month, and my reason for that intention was a little odd, now that I think about it. The reason was that I’ve already made 3 posts over here this month, and I’d set myself a strict limit of a maximum of 3 posts in a month.

Anyway, yes, I’m announcing another new project. This one is called Deliverance 2600, and it aims to be a Metroidvania-inspired, exploration-focused total conversion for Doom, powered by the GZDoom engine. The mod’s story will take place sometime in the early 27th century and will probably involve some sort of alien infestation on a space station of some sort… You know, nothing out of the ordinary. Other planned features include fast-paced, slaughter-ish gameplay, plenty of (mini)bosses, secrets, powerups and a dynamic original soundtrack.

I’ve got threads of the project up on a few forums, and provided that there’s enough interest, I’ll post updates in the threads on a regular basis. I also plan to put up a ModDB page at some point, but not at least before I have a pre-alpha build ready.

At the time of writing this, the project is in a pre-pre-alpha stage. While you wait for the next update, here’s a little taster in the form of screenshots:

Stay tuned for more!

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