Another update of sorts


So here comes another update-y thingamajig. This time, I’ll address two important things.

First of all, I deleted the Writing section from the site. Now this does not mean that I’ve cancelled the book project – it only means that after giving it some thought, I don’t intend to become a serious writer, so I decided to remove the page completely.

Speaking of the book project, I could also let you know that it’s been going rather slowly thanks to the other projects I’ve been working on lately. Hopefully it’ll start picking up pace again soon enough, though.

Anyway, the second main thing I want to address is the Support me page. If you’re a regular visitor here, you may have noticed that I set it up yesterday. The main reason why I did so is because I recently set up a donation button via PayPal. There is, however, also a second reason – I wanted to let people know of other ways in which they can support my work.

And that’s that for today. See you soon!

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