Regarding the toxicity of the Internet

Having had to endure some shitstorms that happened to stir up these past few weeks, I now feel the need to address the central issue I have with being on the Internet.

As we all know, the Internet is a global, universal medium. Full of information, websites, different types of media… Unfortunately, even a phenomenon as widely recognized as the Internet is not without its scapegoats. A host of different viruses roam in its depths. Now in this context, I don’t mean computer viruses – I mean the biological being that calls itself human. I mean individuals. I mean the scapegoats of the Internet that use it.

To get my point across, I will tell a few stories about shit that happened to me this past week (and a little earlier).

So here’s the first thing: the teaser that Bethesda posted about DOOM being revealed at this year’s E3. I was already hyped up about it, having seen an earlier teaser from last year. So I watched the teaser on YouTube. Then I took the risk of looking at the comments.


Look, I understand that you want a Fallout 4 and all, but come on. DOOM was just teased and these individuals can’t shut the fuck up about Fallout. Literally every comment I dared glance at was someone bitching about the lack of Fallout 4 announcements or teasers. I was so pissed off that I wrote my own comment, which was as follows:

So much bitching about Fallout 4. Just face it, you fucks: it ain’t happening.

And the shitstorm was ready to start brewing up. Now to be fair, I could have phrased my comment better before going ahead and posting it, but at the time, I wasn’t thinking straight. Nevertheless, the responses were just as toxic. I won’t even post every single response I got here, but one such response was as follows:

Maybe it isn’t happening, but atleast my face doesn’t look like a randomized oblivion character.

See what I’m getting at here? Insults. Slurs. Et cetera.

Now then, another story. And I assure you that your brain will be frozen for a week after reading this one.

So this happened yesterday. I was watching a YouTube video by one Hannah Witton. I usually thought she looked perfect in all of her videos, but on this particular occasion, there was something about her lipstick that didn’t quite suit her. I recall thinking the shade was a little too dark for her.

Anyway, so I wrote a comment on the video:

Sorry, Hannah, but that lipstick doesn’t quite suit you. :/

Now this morning, I saw that I’d gotten a reply on my comment. The reply read:

Sorry, but that attitude doesn’t quite suit you. :/

Yes. That actually happened. All I did was provide my honest opinion about Hannah’s makeup, and this fucking douchebag came and replied to my comment, which was not intended as an insult.

You see what I mean now? Safety is a fragile concept as far as the Internet is concerned. No matter what you say, chances are there’s at least one fuckwit ready to give you backlash for it.

Anyway, I hope I didn’t come across as a complete dick. If you managed to read the whole thing, I thank you for your patience.

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