So about Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 3…

Hello again!

Considering the lack of updates on Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 3 (which I honestly almost forgot I even announced), I’m not surprised if you’d expect this update about it to be an announcement of its cancellation. But nah. Not this time.

Instead, this is a change-of-plans announcement.

Now the truth is, I managed to compose 5 parts for the supposed multi-part suite. Only problem was I felt that the parts were too short – only about 2-3 minutes each, with the exception of the first part being as long as 4 minutes. And so I scratched it for the time being.

So here’s the plan now: as with the two previous Gallery of Harmonies albums, Vol. 3 will be a compilation of works composed by me over a period of time. I just generated a bunch of song titles with this thing and compiled the best ones into a list of 10 names in total. What I hope to do over the next indefinite period of time is compose 10 songs, each more or less perfectly fitting the title it was inspired by. And as before, each track will be released individually, and once they’re all out, they’ll be compiled into their own album.

Unfortunately I can’t promise I’ll post an update here whenever I release a new track, but I suggest you keep your eyes open on my YouTube channel, as I’ll upload a video of each track over there.

And with that, stay tuned for the first track of the bunch!

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