Brawlhalla Misadventures


Damn, it’s been a while since I last talked about my experiences with a new video game… Either way, today I’ll be talking about my experiences with Brawlhalla.

It’s not easy describing Brawlhalla to a gaming newcomer, but for long-time gamers, I’d describe it as a free-to-play Smash Bros on PC. To my understanding, though, it’s also on Xbox 360 or Xbox One. But since I don’t own any consoles aside from a PS1, a GameCube and a DS, I’ll be talking about the PC version.

Brawlhalla is insanely fun. Take my word for it. What could possibly be more fun than pitting gods against each other in a Smash Bros-style clash of the titans? Not a lot of things.

One of the best things about Brawlhalla is how tightly each character controls. Then again, that’s kind of expected of a game as chaotic as Brawlhalla – a character that controls like absolute balls would make it more frustrating than fun. Speaking of characters, each character in the game has different statistics to suit different playing styles, which makes it even more fun.

And of course, what would a game like Brawlhalla be without online multiplayer? The multiplayer is easily the best part of the game. Even though I suck at Brawlhalla, I’ve often found myself having the most fun in multiplayer, playing against human-controlled opponents. That’s not to say that playing the occasional botmatch isn’t any less fun, but let’s face it: games like Brawlhalla exist for playing online.

Play Brawlhalla. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

And this is where I end my rambling for today. Bye!

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