Guild Wars 2 Misadventures


You know, now that I think about it, every game I’ve written a Misadventures post about so far has either been a multiplayer game or at least had multiplayer functionality of some sort. Maybe surprisingly enough, today’s game is no exception – only it’s a different kind of multiplayer game.

Let’s face it, MMO games are everywhere these days. Some are good, some are less good. Guild Wars 2, in my personal opinion, is of the former level of quality.

I picked up Guild Wars 2 at a local GameStop two weeks ago and have since been playing it on a near-daily basis. What’s great about GW2 is that it differentiates itself from the bulk of MMORPGs by bringing some unique features to the table – perhaps most notably, the Personal Story feature. I personally find that it’s very cool in the way it controls story progression by unlocking a “chapter” of sorts once the player’s character reaches a certain level. It’s a great way of controlling progression while allowing free exploration at the same time.

Now a big part of any MMORPG imaginable is the sheer scope of them – and GW2 is no exception. Only GW2 has something I’d assume many other MMORPGs don’t – map completion statistics. The world of GW2 is filled to the brim with points of interest to discover, beautiful vistas to view, challenges to conquer and small quests to complete. Doing any of the aforementioned grants you a tiny bit towards world map completion. If anything, I dare say that the map completion is the main reason why GW2 has managed to keep my interest up.

I could name many more things that make GW2 unique, but to be honest, I’d eventually just be gushing about how awesomely different GW2 is. Which I have already done for a few paragraphs. I’ve only scratched the surface so far, though – and I can’t wait to find out what else awaits in the realm of guilds and wars.

Anyway, bye for now!

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