Announcing Nomad!


So I just finished livestreaming on a few minutes ago… But what is the relevance of me livestreaming when the topic is announcing a project? Well, you see, the livestream is where I announced the project.

Actually it’s less of an announcement and more of a reveal, since I’ve already talked about the project ever so briefly on Facebook and Twitter, as well as in a YouTube vlog. Anyway, I hereby announce Nomad!

Nomad is essentially a multimedia project that’ll combine music and fictional prose. My intention is to write a novel (which I actually am in the process of writing of now) and produce a concept album based on it. As far as the album side of the project goes, I figured I’d use some of my old, unused musical ideas and fuse them with some new musical elements I intend to introduce.

And that’s that. See ya soon!

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