Abisso Oscuro is out…-ish!


Now, chances are you remember jackshit about me mentioning this project called Abisso Oscuro months ago, so before I give you today’s news regarding it, allow me to give you a little recap.

Abisso Oscuro was a Doom community project initiated by a guy named Darsycho over at a community site named Explosive Nachos (formerly known as Abyss Tower, hence – I assume – the project’s name). Back when I initially mentioned the project, I said I’d be contributing a map or two into the project.

The project was frozen-ish for a long while, but now it appears as though Darsycho finally put together and released a beta version of sorts. Below is a link to the thread, where you may also find the download link:


Do keep in mind, though, that the project is not in its final version as of yet. I’m not sure if I’ll write another post once the final version is out, but I’ll post a small update on Twitter and Facebook at the very least.

So there you go. Bye!

POST-PUBLISH EDIT: Also, my map is MAP11.

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