Eh. Why not. (AKA The MFG Show is back!)


So since I rebooted a rather short-lived venture of mine recently-ish – said venture being known as The Mad Finnish Gamer Show (or The MFG Show for short) – I figured I’d write up a post mentioning it here.

The MFG Show is a series of videos in which I review games in a (hopefully) comedic fashion and slap Seals of Approval, Dread or Indecision onto them. As of yet, it’s not so much a serious new project as it’s just a little experiment on the side.

Earlier this year – specifically in January – I made two videos of the same series but discontinued it and deleted those videos only after something like a week. Now, about five months later, I’ve rejuvenated it and made two completely new videos! And a third one, but that’s a first impressions video, so…

Anyway, in comparison to the two videos I did previously, the style of the show is more or less the same. The expected upload schedule is also the same – new episode every two weeks on Fridays.

Now, for personal reasons, I’ll keep The MFG Show separate from the rest of my creative portfolio. It won’t have its own section on this website and I won’t make a post here whenever I upload a new episode of it. This post merely serves the purpose of a general announcement regarding – for now, at least – a “fun little side project”.

You can find the channel – along with the three videos already up – here:


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