Update on Deliverance 2600 – Last Alpha build & Beta plans


I apologize for my relative silence here lately, but the truth is I just haven’t had anything worth posting about. But now I do! I actually didn’t mean to post this until the launch of the next Alpha build, but I figured I’d post this sooner rather than later.

So Deliverance 2600 saw the launch of its penultimate alpha build, Alpha 0.7, just over a month ago. As far as the mod’s status goes, there’s relatively little work to be done. In fact, the mod is tantalizingly close to completion.

Either way, in terms of alpha builds, the next one – that is, Alpha 0.8 – is planned to be the last of them. By the time of its launch, I hope to have finished up the main map, as well as implemented the final boss.

Once Alpha 0.8 is done and released, Deliverance 2600 will be transitioning to its beta stage. The first beta build will be named Beta 0.90, and it’ll include the rest of the necessary implementations. Aside from that, the Beta stage will essentially be dedicated to tweaking and balancing the mod.

And after the beta stage…

It’s final release time.

Stay tuned.

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