An excerpt from “Assorted Ramblings of a Different Young Adult”

(Originally written on Dec 8, 2016.)

When it comes to dating, I’ve always advocated the idea of meeting your potential significant other while out somewhere. I might just be romanticizing the scenario, having seen my fair share of romantic comedies. In any case, it’s one of the reasons I refused to resort to online dating for a long time.

Yesterday, though, I finally caved in.

Let’s face it: as an introverted male with Asperger’s, my chances of finding a girlfriend by “normal” means are damn near infinitesimal. Then again, what’s considered normal in regards to dating may be more subjective than I suspect. But in this case, by “normal”, I mean the scenario I described above.

The immediate problem, however, is that I barely ever leave the house. I do go to bars on occasion, but I never go to bars with the intention of scouting for a potential partner. Then again, I never go to bars alone either. If I do, I’ll have at least one friend with me. And that tends to block off the entire idea of looking for someone to possibly get romantically involved with.

Even if I go somewhere alone – which, I should say, is a relatively rare occurrence at this point – I still don’t go with that mentality. I used to, but when I kept failing to muster up the courage to talk to individuals of the opposite sex, it stopped quickly.

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t the first time I’ve given online dating a go. I tried it once before for a few months (before I started writing these). But the extent of my trying was merely creating a profile on a dating site and sitting idly by. And that’s a mistake I certainly won’t repeat.


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