Website rebranding + minor re-design


In case you weren’t aware, I recently started putting together a prototype for a possible new game. News on that are coming way later, though. Anyway, following that occurrence, I decided to rebrand my website.

It’s not a huge rebranding – mainly I just removed the “Level Design” and “Writing” sections. The respective pages still exist for archiving purposes, only they’re not immediately accessible.

My reasons as to why I decided to rebrand the website are really quite simple. As far as level design goes, after finishing Deliverance 2600, I started taking an increasing interest in game development. Hence I’ve also been putting together the game prototype. As for writing… well, I just don’t consider myself a serious enough writer for it to be worth including.

I also re-designed the website ever so slightly by changing up the layout and fonts. And I added a “Follow via E-mail” button if you wish to be alerted of new posts on the website by e-mail, so that you never miss them. So that’s an option now.

With all that said, I have a literal fuckton of new creative ideas I hope to make a reality at some point. Hopefully you’re as excited as I am!

Stay tuned!

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