A quick update on things


So, after a couple of months in silence on this front, I felt the need to give you a tiny update on the progress of my current projects.

First of all, the next The Santtu Pesonen Project album. It has been progressing, only record-breakingly slowly. Either way, I’ve finished two songs for the album, as well as almost finished a third one. I’m currently aiming for 8 songs in total, but chances are it’ll decrease by 1 if things don’t play out as intended.

Secondly, I’ve been working on a new Doom wad lately. In fact, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may or may not have seen some screenshots of it. I won’t be revealing any details about it just yet, though. I can, however, say that it’s partly inspired by the latest entry in the franchise.

As for any other projects, there’s nothing substantial going on. I do have a couple of game ideas I’ve been formulating, but that’s as far as those have gone. I’m honestly not even sure when they’ll start happening. Probably not this year, but I hope that I can at least decide which idea I’ll start to execute by the turn of the year.

Either way, with that, bye for now!

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