Announcing Cyberphobia!


So this sort of came out of nowhere even for myself, but I’ve been working on a new musical project over the past week. And I figured now would be a good time to announce it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby announce Cyberphobia!

Cyberphobia is intended to be an electro EP consisting of 3 tracks, each representing a slightly different style. One track is inspired by djent, another by funk, the third by… something else. I don’t even know how I’d classify that last one. Either way, the tracks are tied together by their soundscape and overall genre – gritty(ish) electronica.

As of right now, I’ve almost finished composing 2 out of the 3 tracks. By “almost finished composing”, I mean they’re only missing drums. The 3rd and final track is still underway.

The EP will be released under the MFG38 moniker. As for the release date, it’ll be confirmed later. With enough luck, though, it’ll come out just in time for Christmas.

Stay tuned!

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