Announcing The SP Project #9! + Looking for a guest musician


It’s been a while since I’ve announced projects of any sort. I have, however, been working on a couple of projects in relative secrecy. And today, I’m going to properly announce one of them.

If you’ve at all followed my progressive metal solo outlet, The Santtu Pesonen Project, chances are you’ve seen a couple of hints about a new album I’ve been working on. Based on that hint, what I’m about to announce should be obvious enough. Yes, today I announce The Project’s 9th album, Phoenix!

Phoenix is intended to be a 7-track album (or EP, depending on your personal distinction between an album and an EP). Out of the 7 tracks, I’ve only finished writing 2 at this point, but most of the other tracks are close to completion on the writing side of things. The production stage of the album will begin once I’ve finished writing all tracks.

On another note, I’ve been contemplating the possibility of involving guest musicians in The Santtu Pesonen Project lately, and I’ve actually been in talks with another musician about expanding The Project’s sonic canvas with synthesizers. However, I’m unable to say if that will end up happening as of yet. But I am most certainly sure I want Phoenix to feature guest musicians to a larger extent than Devil Ex Machina did.

The reason I mention my wish to feature guest musicians on Phoenix – as well as why I decided to announce it this early – is that I’m looking for a competent guitarist to do a guitar solo for one of the songs on Phoenix. The solo would ideally be a blues/jazz-style solo – that’s about as much as I’m able to say about it at this stage.

But if you happen to be interested in contributing said guitar solo, feel free to send me an e-mail at! Or if you’re willing to help out by sharing the message around, that’s also greatly appreciated.

With all that said, stay tuned for more and have a great weekend!

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