Progress update on Phoenix (and a little something else)

I was in two minds about whether I was going to write this or not, but I figured I may as well.

I received a very special package this past Wednesday. That package included a 7-string guitar, which was something I’d been planning to get since last year. And in case you weren’t aware, a lot of my musical ideas lately have essentially been composed with a 7-string guitar, including all of the material for Phoenix.

So, now that the 7-string guitar is in my possession, the production stage of Phoenix is ready to begin soon! The songs are slowly but surely getting done on the writing side, and with enough luck, they’ll be all done by the time I move to a new place so I can start recording them.

On another note, I believe I’ve made no mention of the move. Either way, yes, that’s a thing that’s happening in three weeks. But that’s as much as I’m willing to discuss publicly in regards to it.

Back on point, I’m still looking for a guest guitarist to do that one solo on one of the songs. If you’re a guitarist interested in such a task, or if you know someone who might be up for it, feel free to send me an e-mail to

With that, stay tuned!

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