Thinking back to past projects that failed

I happened to think back to some of my past projects, especially the ones that never really came into fruition, and I figured there’d be a subject worth discussing in a blog post.

One particular project I came to reminisce on was Nomad. Now Nomad was initially intended to be a project that combined literature and music – essentially, a novel and and a music album to accompany said novel. The idea was largely inspired by electronic musician Celldweller’s Wish Upon a Blackstar album and its accompanying novel, Blackstar, written by Joshua Viola. Later on, the project was scaled down to simply being a novel without a musical accompaniment. Despite the reduction, the project never went anywhere.

Looking back at the project, I think one of the biggest factors that contributed to its failing is that I never outlined the story properly. That’s usually an essential first step when it comes to writing fictional works. Then again, my experience with writing is limited to this day – it was much less so back when I started working on Nomad.

Another factor to consider that’s at least equally big is that I set myself way too big a goal. Instead of starting small, I immediately thought of the ultimate goal I wanted to achieve. As much as I hate to admit it, this is a recurring problem with me – my initial visions tend to be pretty big, often to the point of being downright overambitious.

The upcoming The Santtu Pesonen Project album, Phoenix, is another example of a project where I immediately aimed for the unachievable. The initial idea for it was a concept album with about 8-9 tracks worth of music, clocking it at a total of roughly an hour. (No joke, that’s what I thought about for it initially.) Over time, I did scale it down step by step – the number of tracks dropped, as did their total running time. In its current state, Phoenix is a 5-track EP with a total running time of just over 30 minutes, which is truthfully a much more manageable goal for me.

Curiously enough, I had started working on Nomad prior to scrapping it, albeit I didn’t work on it for long before doing so. And I’m actually working on Phoenix at the moment, and I’m determined to finish it.

But that’s not even talking about the numerous other ideas I’ve had in mind but haven’t dared to try executing. Most of them are ideas for video games in various genres, if mostly FPSs and 2D platformers. However, due to my lack of know-how and fear of the projects failing because they’re frankly too great in scale, I’ve kept them at their extremely embryonic stage of a mere idea.

Now you’d think I would have learned from that mistake over the years. And in a way, I have, although that learning process is still ongoing.

I don’t even know why I felt the need to share my thoughts on this. Oh well.

Have a great day.

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