DOOM is back! (As in on this site.)


You know something, I’m an indecisive SOB. The evidence speaks for itself – you need only to look at the number of projects I announced only to scrap them shortly afterwards. And it’s also partly the reason for today’s update.

In light of some recent events, I decided to bring back the section dedicated to my DOOM mapping (and modding) efforts. Granted, it did still theoretically exist the whole time, only it was hidden and not directly accessible on the site.

Anyway, so what brought this about, you may ask? Long story short, I got a new idea for a DOOM mod that I started working on. I won’t be announcing it just yet, though, and probably won’t until I get a decent portion of it done. That and I happened to participate in a DOOM comunity project – more on that later as well.

In relation to this, I’ll be creating individual pages for each DOOM project I’ve worked on, complete with screenshots and descriptions, over the next however many days. Once they’re all complete, they’ll replace the Dropbox links that are currently on the DOOM page. I’ll also be uploading all of my personal works onto this site so they can be downloaded directly – what I’ll do to the Dropbox links once that’s done, I don’t know yet. They’ll either stick around or disappear. Guess we’ll find out later.

With all that said, bye for now!

EDIT: Much to my dismay, WordPress apparently doesn’t accept .zip files. I’ll be running a few tests on this – if it fails, I’ll either stick with the Dropbox links or create mirrors elsewhere.

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