Announcing Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 5!


If you’ve followed my musical misadventures since the beginning, you may be familiar with the Gallery of Harmonies series of albums that I spawned between 2014 and 2016. If, on the other hand, you have no idea what it is, it’s essentially a series of compilation albums I’ve released under the MFG38 moniker. The albums contain electronic compositions of varying styles, with each of them “sorting” the tunes chronologically and featuring compositions from a specific year(s).

Now, I mentioned a while back that I had an idea or two for a possible Gallery of Harmonies remix album. Since then, I’ve gotten a couple more, and so I figured now would be a good time to announce the fifth entry in the series – Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 5 – Mostly Remixes!

Why the Mostly Remixes subtitle, you may ask? To put this in the simplest way possible, I do have a new original electronic tune that I feel like sharing, but I felt it didn’t really deserve a single release of its own, hence I decided to include it in GoH: Vol. 5. Alongside the original tune, the album will feature, as the subtitle implies, a bunch of remixed tracks from the past GoH albums – how many exactly, only time (and the amount of ideas I happen to get) will tell.

I can’t say how many tracks the album will feature in total or when it’ll be released as of yet, as production work for it has yet to begin. Rest assured, though, that I do intend to get it done faster than Phoenix.

With that, stay tuned!

PS. Speaking of Phoenix, it’s only an inch away from being done. So keep an eye out for its release in the coming weeks.

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