What’s to come for The Santtu Pesonen Project

Hello there!

With the release of Phoenix being almost around the corner, I felt I should share with you something I’ve been contemplating for a while concerning The Santtu Pesonen Project.

Once Phoenix is out, I’m going to put The Project on an indefinite hiatus. What this essentially means is that there will be no new music from me under that name next year. I may still make new music next year – only there won’t be any new music from The Santtu Pesonen Project.

The main reason behind this decision is that I’ve managed to accumulate a ton of musical ideas over the past year or so, and I want to take the time to sort them out. I want to take the time to see which of them would fit The Project’s sonic “canvas” and which ones would not. While that sonic canvas has grown to be diverse in the past 5 years, it also has a foundation that I don’t want to “desecrate” in a sense.

Another reason is, quite simply, a need to pursue other interests. Make no mistake, I’ve enjoyed making music for as long as I have, and the planned hiatus isn’t due to burnout – I just feel that The Project deserves a breather. It’s been a near-non-stop ride ever since I started that journey back in 2012, and I think now if ever is a good time for it to take a seat in the back.

I won’t go as far as to say that The Santtu Pesonen Project is done for good. Knowing the peculiar ways whereby my creativity works, it’s extremely unlikely to die anyway. It will simply be on hiatus for the time being – but not before Phoenix gets released.

Once again, it is possible (and very likely) that more music from Yours Truly is coming your way next year as well. Only not under The Santtu Pesonen Project.

With all that said, bye for now.

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