So I’m livestreaming now.


Now I don’t usually discuss anything outside of my creative outlets on this website, mainly because I want to keep the content here to promoting those as best I can, but I’ve made exceptions in some cases. And today, I’ll make another exception.

So one of the things I’ve kept pretty quiet about on my website is my livestreaming. The main reason is that I never managed to do it consistently – the livestreams I did do were few and far between. Over the past month or so, though, I’ve gotten into livestreaming proper, and I’ve even established a fairly consistent schedule.

I was uncertain whether I was going to announce this here or not, but since I’ve taken it upon myself to pursue other interests besides music lately, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to promote my livestreaming misadventures here as well.

I stream over on my Twitch channel at least once a week, mainly on Sundays. I may also stream more over the course of a week, depending on certain circumstances. Streams usually start between 5pm and 6.30pm Eastern European Time. VODs of all of my livestreams are uploaded to my YouTube channel, usually on the same day.

See you there! Or not. It’s your choice.

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