So, what’s to come in 2019?


So, since I’ve put The Santtu Pesonen Project on an indefinite hiatus, I felt the need to talk a tiny bit about what you can expect to see from Yours Truly in 2019.

First of all, Phoenix is still to be released, although it’s not far from the finish line. It’s only missing some backing vocals from a colleague – for which we actually arranged a recording session back in late December, but the bottom line is that we couldn’t get a satisfactory take. However, chances are we’ll have another go at it this coming weekend, and if all goes well, Phoenix will be out in early February.

Second, progress on Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 5 has been fairly slow but steady. At the moment, the album is looking to feature 4 tracks in total, one of which is a new original composition, and the rest are remixes of past Gallery of Harmonies tunes. I can’t give an exact release date for the album just yet, as it’s still in progress, but chances are it’ll see a February release.

The final important thing I want to discuss is that I got an itch to get back into game making in the past week or two, so naturally I had to scratch it. A few days ago, I made a quick prototype for a 2D platformer game idea which I hope to expand into a full game. I also signed up for what will be my first game jam. Details about both are coming shortly-ish.

More things will most likely be announced throughout the year as I start working on them.

Stay tuned!

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