General update post number whatever


Having been fairly silent here since releasing Phoenix and Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 5 back in February, I felt the need to write another general update post.

Truth be told, I’ve spent the last three months or so not doing a whole lot on the creative front. Sure, I’ve gotten more than enough ideas, but I haven’t really developed any of them past that stage, hence I’ve made no new project announcements either.

Since I have quite the library of unused and undeveloped musical ideas, though, I’ve been developing one specific idea for a project over the summer. Here’s the thing: I’ve been wanting to write a multi-part instrumental progressive metal suite for a few years. I even attempted it some years ago, but there came a point where it began to feel forced, which led to me scrapping the idea.

Now, with this project, the idea would be to grab a select few of my musical ideas and try to combine them into one track in a way that makes sense. Given the diverse range of moods and styles they cover, it’ll inevitably prove to be quite difficult, but at the very least, it’d be a welcome excuse to put some of them into good use.

Ideally, the track would be one long track, but given Bandcamp’s 291MB track upload limit (at least until you reach a certain amount in sales which I have yet to achieve), I may need to split it into multiple parts. That, of course, depends on how long the final track ends up being.

As for non-music-related projects, that DOOM community project I made a map for – which goes by the name Infernew – has unfortunately been dormant for several months. It’s supposedly in its alpha stage at the moment, but even that has been going on for God knows how long at this point. If no progress ends up being made on the wad in the next few weeks, I might pull my map from the project and build a few more maps expanding upon its theme, so as to have an excuse to release it.

In the meantime, I’ve been (slowly) working on a new DOOM map named Gomorrah. It was originally intended to be a Boom map, but I recently scrapped that idea and started it over as a GZDoom map. It may or may not get finished, mostly depending on whether I’m inspired to return to it or not.

That’s all for today. See you soon!

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