I made my first gameplay mod for DOOM.

This doesn’t necessarily even warrant its own post, but I wanted to do one anyway, because I just released my first DOOM gameplay mod.

MFG38’s Doom Weapon Mini-Mod is a small gameplay mod for classic Doom games powered by ZScript. My aim with this mod was to essentially make some of the weapons (in particular the shotgun and SSG) more situational while keeping the rest of the vanilla gameplay intact. Most of the weapons have been modified in some manner, with the exception of the BFG-9000.

The only real purpose this mod served for me personally was as an excuse to dive into ZScript. Even then, I made this over the course of just over 24 hours (with most of it spent playing video games, taking walks, eating, sleeping etc.), hence I have nothing crazy going on here. But if someone gets a kick out of this, it’s a win in my book.

You can download the mod here. (Edit 2019-07-20: Link updated with v1.3.)

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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