Satanic Gameshow Deluxe v1.0 launches!

It is with immeasurable excitement that I annouce the v1.0 release of my Doom gameplay mod, Satanic Gameshow Deluxe!

In case you don’t know what Satanic Gameshow Deluxe exactly is, it’s a gameplay mod for the classic Doom games powered by GZDoom. I started working on the mod back in June, and I released its first public beta version last month. The mod’s core feature set consists of a new weapon arsenal comprising 10 distinct weapons, a feat-based weapon upgrade system and Wrack-style finishers.

You can download v1.0 of the mod on either ModDB or Dropbox. (UPDATE 12-09-2019: v1.0 is already outdated, hence the links in this post has been removed. From now on, see the mod’s dedicated page for download links to the latest version.)


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