Announcing Gomorrah!

After two months of somewhat quietly smashing away at a new project and things having shaped up to the point where I feel confident to announce it, I’m beyond excited to finally reveal my new Doom mapset, Gomorrah!

Gomorrah is a WIP mapset for GZDoom consisting of 6 brand-new maps, powered by ukiro’s amazing OTEX texture set. The general goal of the mapset is to provide a gameplay experience that combines the classic Doom gameplay experience with puzzles and a checkpoint system, all the while taking advantage of GZDoom’s feature set to provide beautiful setpieces to look at.

In Gomorrah, you’ll be traversing three different locations – an abandoned mine/techbase, a medieval castle and a fortress in Hell – in search of three skull keys. Each skull key is going to be locked behind a puzzle which you’ll have to solve. Once you have all three of them, you must use them to open a gate beyond which lies your final challenge.

In addition to new levels, the mapset is also intended to feature a checkpoint system and an original soundtrack by none other than Yours Truly.

While progress on Gomorrah has been steady, I’m unable to give an exact release date as of yet. There are some events coming up within the next few months that may slow down progress quite significantly, as well as another personal project that I may occasionally jump over to. That said, my goal at the moment is to get all 6 maps to a playable state by the end of 2019 at the very least. Rest assured that you’ll be able to play these maps sooner or later!

You can check out some screenshots of what I’ve conjured up so far in the Doomworld and ZDoom forum threads.

Stay tuned!

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