Gomorrah RC1 is out!

After just under 10 months of smashing away at Gomorrah, I’m happy to announce that the RC1 build of the mapset is out!

In case you’re unfamiliar with Gomorrah, it is a 6-level mapset for Doom 2 and GZDoom that utilizes the amazing OTEX texture pack by ukiro. I began working on it back in August of last year, and I’m beyond satisfied to now have finished it and pushed out a public “beta” of sorts. In addition to the 6 levels, the mapset features a checkpoint system with multiple exits per map and a fully original soundtrack by none other than myself.

For more information, you can visit the project’s Doomworld thread, which contains detailed information, screenshots and download links. If you want to just download the file, it’s available at the following locations:

Google Drive

Do take note that this version of the mod is by no means final. Bugs may still exist, and in addition to that, I want to gather feedback from as many people as I can and make improvements accordingly before calling it complete.

With that said, enjoy and have a great weekend!

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