Welp. I guess MFG38’s Average Adventure is getting a sequel.

Another project announcement?! Yep.

Here’s the thing: after making the Poorly Translated Edition mod for MFG38’s Average Adventure REDUX and watching a friend stream a playthrough of the game with said mod, I started having ideas for a potential sequel to the game. And within the next few days, I was already laying the groundwork – I pretty much made the entirety of the sequel’s opening sequence in two days. And new content just keeps getting made and new ideas keep popping up.

Thus, I hereby announce MFG38’s Average Adventure 2 (name subject to change)!

The sequel is going to be more or less a follow-up to the first game, even going as far as to continue where the first game left off. Thought you’d be getting home when that magical lightning struck you at the end of REDUX? Wrong – here’s a one-way ticket to another alternate universe! The fundamentals of the gameplay will remain largely the same, but I’m aiming to make the combat deeper and more engaging, with many of the enemies requiring different strategies in order to defeat them. My other primary goal with the sequel is to make it feel more like a grand adventure, which will hopefully translate into an average play time of more than 1-2 hours.

As the sequel is still in the beginning stages of development, I’m unable to give any estimates as far as a release is concerned. That said, if the current pace keeps up, it might see a release before the end of 2020 – however, that is a very strong “might”. If anything, the game is more likely to release sometime next year, or perhaps even as late as 2022, as I want it to have as much content as I can think to add.

With all that, bye for now!

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