Update on MFG38’s Average Adventure 2


It’s been a while since I updated anything regarding MFG38’s Average Adventure 2 – in fact, it hasn’t seen any updates since its announcement – but today, I have some delightful news to share about the project.

Basically, the core game is almost finished. I implemented the final boss yesterday, and it’s not missing much aside from the ending. But that’s only the core game – there’s still a decent amount of things in the pipeline, most importantly a full original soundtrack. And composing that is going to take time.

That said, there’s an ever-so-small chance that MFG38’s Average Adventure 2 will see a release before 2020 is out. Not making any promises, though – after all, composing the OST and playtesting the game is going to take a fair amount of time. But I’m determined to try at the very least.

With all that, bye for now!

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