3×3 is now on /idgames!

Writing this post a few days late, but well, better late than never. Truthfully, I debated for a while whether I should write this or not, but seeing as it’s about a Doom community project I hosted, I guess I felt some sort of obligation to at least mention it here.

Anyway, 3×3 is a 29-level Doom mapset for Boom-compatible source ports that came to life as a community project hosted by Yours Truly. Participating mappers were given a week to make up to two maps each while being only allowed to use 3 textures, 3 flats and 3 enemy types. The final version of the megawad was released around mid-January and also appeared on the /idgames archive last Sunday.

More information about the project (including screenshots) is available in its Doomworld thread, and the final version can be downloaded from /idgames here.

Enjoy 3×3 if you decide to give it a spin, and have a great rest of your week!

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