Valentine’s Day general update post

Happy Valentine’s Day! Seeing as it’s been another long(ish) while since any updates on my ongoing projects, I felt the need to write up a brief update post on their progress.

To be entirely truthful, I didn’t do much towards advancing MFG38’s Average Adventure 2 or The Fall for a couple of months following some computer troubles that forced me to refresh Windows. Hell, I only just got around to reinstalling my DAW the other day. While I wasn’t making music for the aforementioned projects, though, I did get some progress done on the upcoming v2.0 of Satanic Gameshow Deluxe.

In any case, MFG38’s Average Adventure 2 has finally seen some additional progress after a “brief” break from it. I composed not one, but two new music tracks for it yesterday. There’s still a lot of music to be composed for the game, though, but I do have some kindlings of ideas already, and I’m feeling confident that the game will be out sometime in the summer.

As for The Fall, I’ve been a lot less confident about it. At the moment, 5 out of the 7 tracks are finished, but I’ve been suffering from a serious creative block with the last 2 tracks, unsure of how I want their middle sections to progress. For a while, I contemplated dropping those tracks and releasing the album as a 5-track EP, but honestly, I don’t want to release The Fall in a state where I deem it unfinished. I know I already promised it’d be out last year, and I apologize for failing to live up to that, but I’ll do my best to finish the album and release it before the end of March, now that I’m back in the swing of music production.

That concludes today’s general update post. Have a great rest of your day!

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