The Fall progress update (maybe out soon???)


It’s been a while since the last progress update on The Fall, mostly because it was making none, but now that things have picked up the pace again, I figured I should write one.

First off, there was a slight change of plans. I scrapped one of the songs entirely and replaced it with another one that I wrote over the past few days. I even began recording that same song yesterday, and it’s now at a stage where it’s only missing vocals and mixing.

After I finish recording that song, all that’ll be left to do is finish writing the EP’s title track, record, mix and master it. It’s not missing much on the writing side either – pretty much the only thing it still needs is an extension to the interlude. And if all goes well (and if I don’t drop the thing for another indefinite number of months), The Fall should finally be coming out sometime next month.

With all that said, stay tuned and have a great week!

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