Introducing Hekkräiser!

Hello there!

So at this point, I’ve been making music for just under 9 years. If you’re at least a semi-active follower of mine, chances are you know about The Santtu Pesonen Project and MFG38, which are the two so-called “main” monikers I make music under – the former being my metal solo project, and the latter being reserved for my electronic and soundtrack stuff. But every now and then, I get the urge to branch out and try something I haven’t done before. In this case, I was hit with the inspiration to see what kind of music I could make out of field recordings. None of my existing monikers really fit the bill, so I established a new solo project and named it Hekkräiser.

The focus of Hekkräiser will be on experimental music. Through it, I aim to explore unconventional genres, sound sources and musical concepts in a playground that’s safely detached from my other musical ventures. You can expect to hear me explore concepts such as microtonality, irrational time signatures and alternative sound sources through the project.

In fact, I already made the project’s debut album over the course of this week and released it yesterday. The album is titled noises i hear in my sleep, and it features 10 short tracks, generally between 1-2 minutes in length. To make the album, I took recordings of different noises of everyday life – cars passing by, heating food in the microwave, unlocking the door to my apartment etc. – and mangled them until they barely sounded like the source material. All tracks on the album were made in this manner; not a single synth patch, premade sample or conventional instrument was used in its making.

You can listen to and download the album on Bandcamp:

Enjoy! Or don’t.

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