MFG38’s Average Adventure 2 progress update

Things were quiet on the MFG38’s Average Adventure 2 front for a pretty long while, but I’ve just gotten a burst of inspiration to return to working on it. I composed two new pieces for the game’s soundtrack yesterday and today, and I hope to keep the pace steady and the inspiration flowing so I can release the game sooner rather than later.

Out of the 27 original music tracks that are to be in the game, 10 are currently finished and implemented. I already have ideas for some of the remaining tracks – it’s just a matter of making the time to work on them. Finding the time isn’t so much the problem as it is the danger of a sudden drop in motivation, as has been the case with many of my projects and why so many of them take ages for me to finish. But rest assured that I’m doing my absolute best to keep this motivation spike up and finish MFG38’s Average Adventure 2.

That is, of course, not to say that I intend to rush the game out the door. Not at all. I still strive to give the game’s soundtrack as much care and attention as possible – making the tracks mere 15-second loops and calling them finished is the complete opposite of my intention.

At any rate, if I manage to keep the pace up, you can expect MFG38’s Average Adventure 2 to be released sometime in either June or July. While you wait, I’ve written a few devlogs over on the game’s page that you can read for some tasty details about the type of content that you can expect out of it.

That concludes today’s progress update. Stay tuned!

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