Santtu Pesonen is a hobbyist musician/composer, DOOM mapper, game developer and writer based out of Joensuu, Finland.

For as long as he can remember, Santtu has had an enthusiastic passion for creating elaborate imaginary worlds. That passion has extended to several beloved hobbies in recent years. Throughout the several creative outlets Santtu’s current repertoire covers, he always seeks to push his own boundaries in order to construct ever-greater imaginary landscapes for the explorative minds willing to enter them.

Santtu strives to reinvent himself on every project he pursues. He does not like sticking to one specific style, as he believes that doing so eventually gets stagnant. Santtu considers his strengths to be his ever-expanding repertoire and will to explore new territories, whatever his current project might be related to.

“Creativity is a lot like sex. When it’s spontaneous, it’s good, but forcing it makes it bad.”

– Santtu Pesonen

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