Some ideas for the near-ish future


First of all, sorry about the relative silence on this website lately. Truth is, I haven’t really been working on anything worth mentioning since releasing Devil Ex Machina. Not until now anyway.

Now, in case you follow The Santtu Pesonen Project, you should be aware that I was writing some new songs for an upcoming album a while ago. Things have quieted down a little since, though, and there hasn’t been much progress on that front over the past month or so. Yesterday, however, I announced that I’ll be releasing some new music in December in celebration of The Project’s 5th anniversary. I have yet to decide whether it’s going to be a single or an EP, but do keep your eyes open for updates on that.

As for the next album… Well, time will tell how soon that one happens.

I’ve also been toying around with the idea of taking some old MFG38 tunes and remixing them. Primarily, the idea would be to grab a select few songs off of the Gallery of Harmonies compilation albums and, well, remix them in new styles. In fact, I already have one idea for one of the tracks. So that may or may not become a thing.

Finally, I’ve gotten a plethora of game-related ideas lately. Sadly I can’t describe them in detail, if only because none of the ideas have been fleshed out at all, but trust me when I say that I have a lot of ideas. And given that I’ve had an increasing interest in game development, chances are I’ll start executing one of them in practice soon enough.

I can say, however, that the game ideas I have are split between two genres: FPS and 2D platformer. Feel free to let me know which genre you’d like to see me tackle first – because I do want to tackle both, but my stupid indecisiveness keeps jumping back and forth between them.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Bye!

Website rebranding + minor re-design


In case you weren’t aware, I recently started putting together a prototype for a possible new game. News on that are coming way later, though. Anyway, following that occurrence, I decided to rebrand my website.

It’s not a huge rebranding – mainly I just removed the “Level Design” and “Writing” sections. The respective pages still exist for archiving purposes, only they’re not immediately accessible.

My reasons as to why I decided to rebrand the website are really quite simple. As far as level design goes, after finishing Deliverance 2600, I started taking an increasing interest in game development. Hence I’ve also been putting together the game prototype. As for writing… well, I just don’t consider myself a serious enough writer for it to be worth including.

I also re-designed the website ever so slightly by changing up the layout and fonts. And I added a “Follow via E-mail” button if you wish to be alerted of new posts on the website by e-mail, so that you never miss them. So that’s an option now.

With all that said, I have a literal fuckton of new creative ideas I hope to make a reality at some point. Hopefully you’re as excited as I am!

Stay tuned!

Deliverance 2600 final version released!

It is with deafeningly loud squeals of excitement that I finally announce the full release of Deliverance 2600!

Somehow I have a hard time believing I actually finally got it out there. Two years of hard work went into this thing, and now it came to the end it deserved. Easy it was not by any means – there were times I lacked motivation, features were planned but either cut early on or not implemented at all, and I even came close to giving up on the whole thing once.

But now I don’t need to worry about it anymore. Because the mod is complete. And more importantly, it’s released.

Anyway, self-reflective rambling aside, you can go ahead and download the mod right over here:

You can also grab its OST here: