Gomorrah RC1 is out!

After just under 10 months of smashing away at Gomorrah, I'm happy to announce that the RC1 build of the mapset is out! In case you're unfamiliar with Gomorrah, it is a 6-level mapset for Doom 2 and GZDoom that utilizes the amazing OTEX texture pack by ukiro. I began working on it back in … Continue reading Gomorrah RC1 is out!

New single “Crawl” + Announcing The Fall!

Hello again! So yeah, I released a new single through The Santtu Pesonen Project last night. And with it having been out for just over 15 hours, I figure it's a good time to also announce The Project's 10th album, The Fall! The Fall is going to be my darkest, most personal, most progressive record … Continue reading New single “Crawl” + Announcing The Fall!

Another update but this one is sort of important.

Here's another general update on my current projects - only this one holds a significance that no other update from me ever has before. With the Coronavirus situation being what it is - my school just announced at the beginning of this week that we're moving over to studying remotely - I decided to relocate … Continue reading Another update but this one is sort of important.