Gomorrah v1.0 is out!

It is with immense excitement and pride that I hereby annouce the release of v1.0 of my latest DOOM mapset, Gomorrah! About 15 months worth of work went into creating the mapset and bringing it into a state I can confidently call "final". Of course, there's no guarantee that this version is the last one … Continue reading Gomorrah v1.0 is out!

Gomorrah RC1 is out!

After just under 10 months of smashing away at Gomorrah, I'm happy to announce that the RC1 build of the mapset is out! In case you're unfamiliar with Gomorrah, it is a 6-level mapset for Doom 2 and GZDoom that utilizes the amazing OTEX texture pack by ukiro. I began working on it back in … Continue reading Gomorrah RC1 is out!

Mini-lesson: How NOT to get into Doom mapping

So, you like Doom. You've just discovered the awesome community that still creates custom content for it to this day. You've downloaded Doom Builder or some other Doom mapping software with the intention of giving it a spin yourself. You've probably even made some attempts already. This mini-lesson will serve as a guide as to … Continue reading Mini-lesson: How NOT to get into Doom mapping