Some ideas for the near-ish future

Howdy! First of all, sorry about the relative silence on this website lately. Truth is, I haven't really been working on anything worth mentioning since releasing Devil Ex Machina. Not until now anyway. Now, in case you follow The Santtu Pesonen Project, you should be aware that I was writing some new songs for an … Continue reading Some ideas for the near-ish future


Happy Red Ball Thing released!

Hello there! So I just finished and released my first ever Fusion 2.5 platformer game, Happy Red Ball Thing. Now this was first and foremost an exercise in familiarizing myself with the engine's workflow, so it isn't the most elaborate thing. Either way, in case you're interested, you can download the game for free here. … Continue reading Happy Red Ball Thing released!

MFG38’s Average Adventure REDUX is out!

It is with immense joy that I finally announce the release of MFG38's Average Adventure REDUX! Yeah, things took a little longer than expected (especially with the pace I was composing the OST at), but it's finally out for you to enjoy. The game is downloadable on its GameJolt page here: I also released … Continue reading MFG38’s Average Adventure REDUX is out!

Progress update on MFG38’s Average Adventure REDUX

Howdy! Good news regarding MFG38's Average Adventure REDUX, as it's only a few steps away from completion! The OST is roughly 75% done, with only 4 tracks to go. Once I finish up the OST, all that's left to do is playtesting. I estimate that the full game should be out sometime early June. I'll … Continue reading Progress update on MFG38’s Average Adventure REDUX

Announcing MFG38’s Average Adventure REDUX!

'Ello! Man, I haven't written here in a month... Either way, I hereby proudly announce MFG38's Average Adventure REDUX! This enhanced edition will improve upon the (unreleased) original game and also include a few slight modifications, namely "censoring" the names of the party members, so as to avoid unwanted flak from the real-life people they're … Continue reading Announcing MFG38’s Average Adventure REDUX!