Deliverance 2600 final version released!

It is with deafeningly loud squeals of excitement that I finally announce the full release of Deliverance 2600!

Somehow I have a hard time believing I actually finally got it out there. Two years of hard work went into this thing, and now it came to the end it deserved. Easy it was not by any means – there were times I lacked motivation, features were planned but either cut early on or not implemented at all, and I even came close to giving up on the whole thing once.

But now I don’t need to worry about it anymore. Because the mod is complete. And more importantly, it’s released.

Anyway, self-reflective rambling aside, you can go ahead and download the mod right over here:

You can also grab its OST here:


Deliverance 2600 beta stage launches!

It is with immense joy and pride that I finally, after two years of work, announce the launch of the beta stage of Deliverance 2600!

As of the launch of the Beta 0.9 build, everything has been fully implemented – only the finishing touches need to be applied. Mainly this means balancing the mod. And finishing an area I apparently left untouched for some reason.

In case you have any suggestions for tweaking/balancing the mod, do feel free to let me know, preferably by commenting either on this post or on the download page of the Beta 0.9 build on the mod’s ModDB page.

The release date of the final release version will be announced in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned and enjoy.

A couple of updates


So I figured I’d write another general update post to keep you in the loop about the things I’ve been working on lately.

First off, The Santtu Pesonen Project’s next album is ready to begin its production phase soon enough. I’m still writing the last song of the bunch, but I estimate it should be done come next week, provided no tremendous distraction makes its appearance. Once I finish writing it, I’ll start putting the thing together.

Speaking of distractions, I started working on my first 2D platformer game in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 recently. It’s a game called Happy Red Ball Thing. Now, it isn’t so much a fully serious project as it’s just a fun little experiment to familiarize myself with Fusion’s workflow. Either way, the GameJolt page for that should be appearing soon enough. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Finally, the big D. The Doom total conversion project that’s kept me worked for nearly two years now. Deliverance 2600. Fortunately enough, it’s tantalizingly close to completion. Essentially all that’s left to implement is the final boss and a couple additional things. In all honesty, though, I’ve had a bit of a hard time finding the motivation to finish it up lately, especially with the two projects I mentioned above. But it’ll see a full release this year. I swear with my hand on a Bible.

As far as Deliverance 2600‘s Alpha builds go, there’s one more of those coming up, and then it’ll be followed by at least one Beta build before the final release. Keep an eye out for that announcement in the near-ish future.

And that’s all for today. See ya!

Update on Deliverance 2600 – Last Alpha build & Beta plans


I apologize for my relative silence here lately, but the truth is I just haven’t had anything worth posting about. But now I do! I actually didn’t mean to post this until the launch of the next Alpha build, but I figured I’d post this sooner rather than later.

So Deliverance 2600 saw the launch of its penultimate alpha build, Alpha 0.7, just over a month ago. As far as the mod’s status goes, there’s relatively little work to be done. In fact, the mod is tantalizingly close to completion.

Either way, in terms of alpha builds, the next one – that is, Alpha 0.8 – is planned to be the last of them. By the time of its launch, I hope to have finished up the main map, as well as implemented the final boss.

Once Alpha 0.8 is done and released, Deliverance 2600 will be transitioning to its beta stage. The first beta build will be named Beta 0.90, and it’ll include the rest of the necessary implementations. Aside from that, the Beta stage will essentially be dedicated to tweaking and balancing the mod.

And after the beta stage…

It’s final release time.

Stay tuned.

Abisso Oscuro is out…-ish!


Now, chances are you remember jackshit about me mentioning this project called Abisso Oscuro months ago, so before I give you today’s news regarding it, allow me to give you a little recap.

Abisso Oscuro was a Doom community project initiated by a guy named Darsycho over at a community site named Explosive Nachos (formerly known as Abyss Tower, hence – I assume – the project’s name). Back when I initially mentioned the project, I said I’d be contributing a map or two into the project.

The project was frozen-ish for a long while, but now it appears as though Darsycho finally put together and released a beta version of sorts. Below is a link to the thread, where you may also find the download link:

Do keep in mind, though, that the project is not in its final version as of yet. I’m not sure if I’ll write another post once the final version is out, but I’ll post a small update on Twitter and Facebook at the very least.

So there you go. Bye!

POST-PUBLISH EDIT: Also, my map is MAP11.

Introducing The MFG38 Mega Wad Pack!


Now this here is something more or less random I put together yesterday, but I still thought it was too good an idea not to use. Allow me to introduce The MFG38 Mega Wad Pack!

This thing is essentially a collection of all my personal Doom level design works in one package. It includes all 14 Doom wads created by me thus far, their respective readme files and a PDF document which contains information and trivia about each project.

My main idea behind this was to provide an alternative for those who don’t want to go through the effort of downloading every wad individually. I intend to update the package with every new wad I release. If I managed to catch your interest, you can download the pack here.

That’s it for today’s news. Bye!

Deliverance 2600 Alpha 0.1 build is up!


I apologize for the lack of posts here over the past month or so. Truth is I was so focused on developing Deliverance 2600 that I couldn’t think of anything to post about.

Anyway, so the Alpha 0.1 build of D2600 is now up!

The two big implementations in this build are sound effects and powerups. Also included are the first 2 music tracks out of a currently planned 9, custom keys and locks, custom text strings and an experimental game timer for a rank system I plan to develop in future builds. Again, a file named “versions.txt” is included with the download which you can consult for a full list of implementations and changes.

You can go download the build over here: