General update post number whatever

Howdy! Having been fairly silent here since releasing Phoenix and Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 5 back in February, I felt the need to write another general update post. Truth be told, I've spent the last three months or so not doing a whole lot on the creative front. Sure, I've gotten more than enough ideas, … Continue reading General update post number whatever


Update on Phoenix + a few other things

Howdy! I just felt the need to post a quick update on the progress of Phoenix, since it's sort of been on hold over the past couple months. Not just sort of, actually - I've done literally no work whatsoever on it during that time. The reason as to why Phoenix has been on hold … Continue reading Update on Phoenix + a few other things

Update on Deliverance 2600 – Last Alpha build & Beta plans

Howdy! I apologize for my relative silence here lately, but the truth is I just haven't had anything worth posting about. But now I do! I actually didn't mean to post this until the launch of the next Alpha build, but I figured I'd post this sooner rather than later. So Deliverance 2600 saw the … Continue reading Update on Deliverance 2600 – Last Alpha build & Beta plans

Abisso Oscuro is out…-ish!

Howdy! Now, chances are you remember jackshit about me mentioning this project called Abisso Oscuro months ago, so before I give you today's news regarding it, allow me to give you a little recap. Abisso Oscuro was a Doom community project initiated by a guy named Darsycho over at a community site named Explosive Nachos … Continue reading Abisso Oscuro is out…-ish!