Phoenix is out!

It is with immense excitement that I announce the release of The Santtu Pesonen Project's latest (and, for the time being, last) EP, Phoenix! The new EP features five tracks, each with its distinct mood and style. It's also my first album ever to feature guest musicians, as well as being home to the longest … Continue reading Phoenix is out!

So, what’s to come in 2019?

Howdy! So, since I've put The Santtu Pesonen Project on an indefinite hiatus, I felt the need to talk a tiny bit about what you can expect to see from Yours Truly in 2019. First of all, Phoenix is still to be released, although it's not far from the finish line. It's only missing some … Continue reading So, what’s to come in 2019?

New single track release: “Portal to Hell”

With one of my all-time favorite video game franchises, DOOM, having celebrated its 25th anniversary recently, here's a little something from Yours Truly for the occasion... albeit a few days late. "Portal to Hell" (pardon the clichéd name) is a medley of a select few DOOM tunes that I decided to put together in order to celebrate my … Continue reading New single track release: “Portal to Hell”

What’s to come for The Santtu Pesonen Project

Hello there! With the release of Phoenix being almost around the corner, I felt I should share with you something I've been contemplating for a while concerning The Santtu Pesonen Project. Once Phoenix is out, I'm going to put The Project on an indefinite hiatus. What this essentially means is that there will be no new … Continue reading What’s to come for The Santtu Pesonen Project

Announcing Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 5!

Howdy! If you've followed my musical misadventures since the beginning, you may be familiar with the Gallery of Harmonies series of albums that I spawned between 2014 and 2016. If, on the other hand, you have no idea what it is, it's essentially a series of compilation albums I've released under the MFG38 moniker. The … Continue reading Announcing Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 5!

“Siren” single released + Phoenix progress update

Hello there! So I just released a track off of the upcoming The Santtu Pesonen Project EP, Phoenix. The track is titled "Siren", and it's one of the tracks featured on the EP alongside 4 other tracks. You can listen to the track in the YouTube video embedded below. As for progress on Phoenix … Continue reading “Siren” single released + Phoenix progress update