Website rebranding + minor re-design


In case you weren’t aware, I recently started putting together a prototype for a possible new game. News on that are coming way later, though. Anyway, following that occurrence, I decided to rebrand my website.

It’s not a huge rebranding – mainly I just removed the “Level Design” and “Writing” sections. The respective pages still exist for archiving purposes, only they’re not immediately accessible.

My reasons as to why I decided to rebrand the website are really quite simple. As far as level design goes, after finishing Deliverance 2600, I started taking an increasing interest in game development. Hence I’ve also been putting together the game prototype. As for writing… well, I just don’t consider myself a serious enough writer for it to be worth including.

I also re-designed the website ever so slightly by changing up the layout and fonts. And I added a “Follow via E-mail” button if you wish to be alerted of new posts on the website by e-mail, so that you never miss them. So that’s an option now.

With all that said, I have a literal fuckton of new creative ideas I hope to make a reality at some point. Hopefully you’re as excited as I am!

Stay tuned!

Santtu Pesonen’s Top 10 of 2016

Another year is soon coming to a close. It’s been a crazy one for sure – not only for me personally, but for the whole world.

Either way, now is not the time to get melancholy, because I’m here to share with you my Top 10 of 2016. So here we go.

  1. DOOM [2016] (video game)
  2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (movie)
  3. Haken – Affinity (album)
  4. Gojira – Magma (album)
  5. Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (video game)
  6. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (anime)
  7. Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep of Reason (album)
  8. Worms WMD (video game)
  9. making The Mad Finnish Gamer Show
  10. managing to write a book at least halfway… for once

With that, I’ll see you in 2017.

I’m going to be a voice actor!


So this is very exciting news to myself, as one of my dreams lately has been to do voice acting. I hereby happily announce that dream is now becoming a reality!

There’s a RoboCop-themed mod for Max Payne 2 being worked on by a small team of developers, and one of them recently announced that they were starting to recruit voice actors. I immediately jumped at the opportunity, and it looks as though it has indeed come.

I won’t say which character I’m (apparently) going to voice just yet, but what I can say is that I’m excited beyond belief! Meanwhile, you can check out the mod on its ModDB page here:

Stay tuned!

The importance of changing up your workflow

So today’s post is a little less project-focused and a little more motivational… Either way, I hope this’ll be a worthy read.

I’ve been working on a new, as of yet unannounced Doom map over the last week or so. It started out as an idea to make a soul-crushingly hard map, but it has now turned into an experiment with a new workflow.

I’ve never been a particularly systematic person when it comes to designing Doom maps. My workflow was always very random, to say the least. There wasn’t any cohesion as to what I was doing – much less was there any sense in what I was doing. My usual workflow would be as follows: make a room/corridor, detail it, stuff it with monsters and ammo, rinse and repeat.

With this new map, however, I have a different workflow planned out: do the entire map layout first, add detail next, and finally implement gameplay. It’s cohesive, it’s less chaotic – and most importantly, it’s an experiment.

And you know something? Experimenting with that workflow has actually helped in that I have a clearer vision of how I want the map to look in terms of aesthetics. Separating visuals from gameplay in this way lets me think about the two aspects independently without them overlapping.

Before, I wouldn’t know how to make my maps look beautiful and play decently at the same time. But now that I’m trying out a new workflow, I hope this one will.

The bottom line: don’t be afraid to change up your workflow once in a while. It has more benefits than it has drawbacks.

I’ll be at Assembly Summer 2016!


So I figured I’d post a little update of sorts letting you know that I’ll be attending Assembly Summer 2016 next week. The event will be taking place at the Expo and Convention Center in Helsinki from August 4th to 7th. Personally, I’ll be at the event from the 4th to the 6th – that is, from Thursday to Saturday.

I do apologize for the rather short notice, but in any case, if you happen to see me there, by all means come and say hi!

With that, see you at Assembly!

Eh. Why not. (AKA The MFG Show is back!)


So since I rebooted a rather short-lived venture of mine recently-ish – said venture being known as The Mad Finnish Gamer Show (or The MFG Show for short) – I figured I’d write up a post mentioning it here.

The MFG Show is a series of videos in which I review games in a (hopefully) comedic fashion and slap Seals of Approval, Dread or Indecision onto them. As of yet, it’s not so much a serious new project as it’s just a little experiment on the side.

Earlier this year – specifically in January – I made two videos of the same series but discontinued it and deleted those videos only after something like a week. Now, about five months later, I’ve rejuvenated it and made two completely new videos! And a third one, but that’s a first impressions video, so…

Anyway, in comparison to the two videos I did previously, the style of the show is more or less the same. The expected upload schedule is also the same – new episode every two weeks on Fridays.

Now, for personal reasons, I’ll keep The MFG Show separate from the rest of my creative portfolio. It won’t have its own section on this website and I won’t make a post here whenever I upload a new episode of it. This post merely serves the purpose of a general announcement regarding – for now, at least – a “fun little side project”.

You can find the channel – along with the three videos already up – here:


Santtu Pesonen’s Top 10 of 2015

With 2015 soon drawing to a close, I thought I’d share my Top 10 list of 2015 in what I hope to become an annual tradition. Instead of everything having a Top 10 list of its own, I’ll sort of lump everything together and make a single Top 10 list.

So here it is:

  1. Ori and the Blind Forest (game)
  2. Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (movie)
  3. Costa Rica
  4. Lamb of God – VII: Sturm und Drang (album)
  5. Life Is Strange (game)
  6. Steven Wilson – Hand. Cannot. Erase (album)
  7. Little V – The Sky Is On Fire (album)
  8. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (game)
  9. Axiom Verge (game)
  10. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (anime)

With that, I hope you’ve had a great Christmas and wish you a happy New Year. See you in 2016!