DOOM is back! (As in on this site.)

Howdy! You know something, I'm an indecisive SOB. The evidence speaks for itself - you need only to look at the number of projects I announced only to scrap them shortly afterwards. And it's also partly the reason for today's update. In light of some recent events, I decided to bring back the section dedicated … Continue reading DOOM is back! (As in on this site.)

Thinking back to past projects that failed

I happened to think back to some of my past projects, especially the ones that never really came into fruition, and I figured there'd be a subject worth discussing in a blog post. One particular project I came to reminisce on was Nomad. Now Nomad was initially intended to be a project that combined literature … Continue reading Thinking back to past projects that failed

Website rebranding + minor re-design

Howdy! In case you weren't aware, I recently started putting together a prototype for a possible new game. News on that are coming way later, though. Anyway, following that occurrence, I decided to rebrand my website. It's not a huge rebranding - mainly I just removed the "Level Design" and "Writing" sections. The respective pages … Continue reading Website rebranding + minor re-design